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Meet Doron, our smiling SEO wizard and SV coworking member from Local Web. Usually found tapping away downstairs in Unit 12, you can count on Doron for a friendly chat and the best local tips (especially for spotting dolphins).

Tell us a little about you and the work you do.

I started Local Web about 10 years ago in Sydney to help small local businesses succeed with digital marketing. I love supporting local businesses and local communities and we found it very satisfying to help small businesses grow online.

We now work with small businesses all over the world helping them and their communities grow. I moved up to the Byron Shire in January 2019 to spend more time with my family and enjoy the warmer weather and a healthier lifestyle.

I love blending work, life, fun and play all in one, so I have a life/life balance. For me every day is work, play, family and holiday.

How does coworking add to your day-to-day work life?

I love seeing other people and the buzz in the space. As well as the wellness activities, and general business and life chat that goes on. It helps me stay in touch and up to date as well as being social. I also get more done in this kind of environment.

What drew you towards Sustainable Valley?

Initially, it was the aircon! But very quickly it became the community and type of people that worked there. I felt very comfortable being myself here, and it just didn’t feel clicky, which I love. I also really loved the daily meditations, play and other classes. Any fitness or meditation to break up my day is a winner.

How do you manage your work/life balance?

I mix it all up into one. So it no longer becomes a balance but rather just LIFE.

To do this I make sure I can do everything from everywhere. As the internet gets faster all over the world and in more remote places, this is making it easier for me to achieve this. So I can take a holiday while I should be working or work if I need to on a holiday.

I set aside dedicated work hours, but that is fluid based on the weather, the seasons, family, and mood.

What does a regular Byron weekend look like to you?

Wake up early. Quick bite before heading out to breakfast or a park with our little daughter. It may take the form of a hike or walk, or a play on the beach depending on the season. Then home for sleep time, either for all of us or just the little one. I then read, work, or watch a movie with my wife.

Afternoons are back to the beach or park, sometimes a visit to friends, or festival, music, market, depending on what’s happening in and around town.

Night times are usually home, or at a talk, mediation, drumming or some other fun activity if we can find a sitter!

Any local spots to recommend?

The paddock for coffee in the morning or the coffee wagon at SV. Love Santos for lunch most days at work, or the combi for a snack. I also love Folk on the way into town and Bayleaf takeaway.

Are you looking to collaborate with anyone in your business?

Yes, I would like to collaborate with web site developers and social media marketers, to refer business their way.


You can find Doron on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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