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Six ways to prepare for an empowered transition

Are you ready for change?

Have you ever been in a situation where you knew deep down that something needed to change but couldn’t make a decision? Or maybe, you remember a time when change was inevitable but instead of taking inspired action, you felt stuck and unsure how to move forward?

We’ve all been there. No matter how many times we’ve experienced transition before, we all face uncertainty and challenges.

I experienced one of the most challenging times in my life during a career transition. I know that making the shift from what’s comfortable to the unknown can seem daunting and sometimes impossible.

So, what do you do when transition is imminent?

Whether you’re intentionally embarking on change in some part of your life or you’re compelled to seek out transformation because of uncontrollable circumstances, transition is a process and it often takes time.

By looking at change as a process, you can prepare yourself for what’s coming and make a plan to manage the transition. To help you get started, here are six of my favourite ways to prepare for an empowered transition.
1. Stay Connected to You

Disconnection happens when we give our attention to external influences above our internal desires or suppress our needs because of an overriding concern to satisfy the needs of others. Eventually, we find ourselves in situations that are misaligned and unfulfilling. We feel flat and disengaged in our lives. This is why it’s important to pay attention to you. Know your needs and desires. It’s only with knowing and staying connected to yourself that you can create the possibility of orienting your life toward more nourishing and fulfilling accomplishments.

2. Be curious

Get curious with what’s happening in your current situation by looking at your life from a holistic perspective and asking yourself some powerful questions. Too often we move through life at a pace that doesn’t allow us to reflect on what’s happening within; instead, we need to take some time to get curious with ourselves. Here are a few of my favourite powerful questions to ask yourself when you’re considering change: What am I struggling with? What is my body telling me? What am I noticing? Where am I not showing up fully in my life? What’s keeping me stuck? Slow down during this process and receive your questions with openness. By relaxing and being receptive, you’ll reveal information hidden within. A lot of which can be useful to help you move forward.

3. Clarify What’s Important

Know your ‘why’. This is your deeper urge to change.  Why do you want to create change? What is at the heart of this desire? It’s not enough to know what you desire or what you want to create. At our core, we are most motivated by knowing why we do what we do. You need to go deeper to uncover your purpose.

4. Create Space for Possibility

Too often we define ourselves by our past and current situations, so when all that stuff gets taken away from us, it can feel paralysing. If we don’t open up to possibility, we can stay trapped in the fear of the unknown or what we don’t understand. This is why it’s important to make space for possibility by acknowledging change and considering the prospect of a brighter future. Rather than holding onto beliefs influenced by your past, be flexible with your thoughts by inviting alternative viewpoints. Who are you becoming? What do you want to create? It takes imagination to envision something you’ve never seen before, a different reality to that which currently exists.

5. Be the Best You Can

Create your future by being the person you want to be now. We need to enjoy where we are now in order to enjoy where we are next. This is why it’s important to know how you want to show up moment to moment. Start by getting clear on your values so you can be your best now. Who do you need to be in order to create what you want in life? Be the good listener. Be the one who makes healthy choices for yourself and the environment. Empower those around you.

6. Surrendered Action

When you step outside of your norms, expect some challenges. Just don’t let them paralyze you. Start by shaping your life to prioritise what’s meaningful and important. Make considered and purposeful changes to your daily practices to align them with your values and goals. With every transition, there come surges of excitement and inspiration. In those moments, use the energy to take action that is consistent with who you are becoming and what you want to create.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Are you considering change or in the midst of transition? What challenges you the most about it?

If you’ve recently experienced a big shift in your life, do you have any tips to add? Let us know in the comments below.


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Written By Erin Tetarenko, MSc Coaching Psyc, BSc Kin

Mind and Body Leadership Coach


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  1. I love this article. I have been through a huge transition this last year and it struck a chord..

    After a long term relationship ended with a domino effect on the rest of my plans, I pressed control alt delete on my entire life.

    Like many people, I opted to hit the road, I packed a few items into a camper van and fell into the arms of mother nature, sought out new places, new friends and new experiences. It’s been great getting to know myself again, learning to listen to my body and soul and learning how to let go.

    Now that I feel I have come back from negative to 0, I’m finding the path to restart quite challenging. I’ve got a bad case of the ‘what now’s?’ All I know is that what ever I do next I want it to positively impact the planet, reduce the use of plastics we use and encourage people to think about their daily choices whilst allowing me to ‘stay me’.


    1. Hi Cristal, thank you for sharing and starting a conversation. First of all, I’m so glad you liked the article! I love that you found solace in mother nature and in getting to know yourself during transition.

      What are you finding most challenging about restarting? Is it about accepting the unknown, coming up with ideas to ‘what now’, deciding on a specific path, or fear of losing yourself (again?)?

      I love your mission and encourage you to continue exploring the potential pathways for taking action along with your deeper ‘why’ for wanting to ‘reduce the use of plastics we use and encourage people to think about their daily choices’.
      Follow the inspiration and your curiousity.

      xx Erin

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