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Across The Desk 2.0 – Erin Tetarenko

Enjoying the sandy beaches, blue skies and Byron’s balmy winters is one of Canada’s own rays of sunshine. Across the coworking desk is Erin, a mind and body leadership coach, with holistic services including evidence-based approaches shown to improve relationships, wellbeing, and performance.



“Grounded in an understanding that success starts from the inside out, my services reflect the importance of developing self-awareness as the greatest agent for positive change” – Erin


It’s hard not to notice, coworking will help you find the right people. Just saying. And Sustainable Valley is not just coworking. Erin has a permanent desk here and integrates weekly Wednesday Humpfulnes sessions – optional mindfulness for all our coworkers and their friends with donations going to charity.


SV: Erin, How did you end up in Byron Bay?


E:  I was living in Sydney while completing a masters in psychology of coaching when my partner and I decided to move to Byron Bay so he could pursue a career in Osteopathic Medicine.

Honestly though, I think my journey to Byron started a long time before that. I created a vision for myself in 2009 after leaving a security driven path. I set the intention that I wanted to live a life of inspiration, empowerment, travel, adventure, contribution, and social connection. I wrote down future aspirations in all areas of my life, creating from my heart. At first, it was challenging to really be authentic in my choices. Questions arose such as, “Can I really succeed doing this?”, “Is that actually possible?”, “What if I fail?” but I let go of the how’s and focussed on getting clear on the vision. As part of the process, I decided to write down two things that would blow my mind when they happened. I wrote ‘live in a tropical environment’ and ‘host retreats globally’. Since, both have come true. For a Canadian who loves living by the ocean and is perpetually chasing the sun, it’s a dream to call this subtropical paradise ‘home’.


SV: Have you worked in a coworking space before?


E:  No. I previously worked from home in between traveling for coaching programs. Deciding to work in Sustainable Valley has been the best thing for me personally and for my coaching business.

Working at home wasn’t for me. It was isolating and, so, I was easily distracted. I get my energy from being around people so I would seek out places to work outside of home like a cafe, but most cafes in Byron are not designed for working on a laptop – fair enough. They’re better suited for enjoying good food and drink while socialising.

Coworking has changed everything. I now work in a vibrant space where there are people to connect with, get inspired by, and bounce ideas off of. It’s a great feeling to be motivated to go to work every day and to enjoy being part of a community of passionate people that are up to incredible things. On top of this, I still have the freedom to run on my own clock.

SV: What is the most valuable thing you have noticed people taking away with them after engaging with you and your programs?

E:  Ultimately, a realisation around what’s truly important to them and the feeling of empowerment that comes from greater self-awareness and tools to meet life’s challenges.


SV: Coworkation immersion in Byron Bay, why is it a good idea?


E: The idea of mixing coworking, travel, and personal growth is brilliant.

We can all benefit from taking a step back from our day-to-day lives to shift our perspective and reconnect with ourselves. A coworkation offers this plus the opportunity to meet people from around the world who are passionate about travel and purposeful work. Plus, it’s in Byron Bay.

SV: Could you share some more about you and your body of work.


E: Through coaching guidance, workshops and retreats, I help entrepreneurs and leaders do purposeful work without sacrificing themselves.

Many of my clients want to be of service to the world, yet often let ambition come at a sacrifice to self. Most have experienced increased stress, fatigue, or even burnout while trying to do it all. Often, it’s a result of ignoring their health, feelings, and needs. Having worked with thousands of leaders and having personally experienced the adverse effects of stress, I know that honouring our own needs and desires is crucial to sustainable performance.

This is why I offer a more holistic approach to coaching that focuses on the benefits coaching guidance has on both the mind and body in supporting people to live healthy, fulfilling lives while they create positive change for people and our planet.

For Erin’s NEW eBook be sure to visit www.erintetarenko.com

Learn more about what Erin is up to [here] or Instagram @erin.tetarenko


Not just coworking is what we do, and Erin is a big part of the culture and community we create at Sustainable Valley, Byron Bay. We want to Disrupt. Challenge. Influence. Sustain. Empower. and Change.

Let Sustainable Valley be your next off-site team building experience or coworkation. Whether it’s for the whole office, you are a solo entrepreneur or simply a meet-up with your remote team, our unique combination of work and play is sure to bring you and your employees closer together or give you that space you need to break away. We believe a better world evolves through the combined accomplishments of creative, committed, and compassionate individuals focused on a common purpose.



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