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Digital Nomads

“A person free from all the usual commitments that traditional employment hands out; Often found traveling to far corners of the world to have new experiences”

“A maintainer of the work life balance”

“Digital Nomads are people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their lives in a nomadic manner”

 “A lifestyle of perpetual travel while working online”

” To be living life as an adventure, empowered by technology to break free of the constraints of the physical workplace”

Working remotely is not new, although it is becoming more accessible as technology reaches further into the core of business and communications. Ultimately if you are able to work with just an internet connection or a phone line, then the world as a digital nomad is available to you.

While not all occupations lend themselves to this culture there is still something in it for you. Digital nomads are growing the use of coworking spaces, pop up offices, shared tech spaces, strengthening internet connections and stretching the norms. If you can’t work nomadically then maybe look at a coworkation! [Check out the link here] Get a dose of the coworking / digital nomad benefits.

The Location Independent Career Choice

Thinking about your future? Need a lifestyle change? Do you need an office for your job?

Enter into Digital Nomadism via these careers;

Careers as a digital nomad include, but not limited to….

  • IT – software engineer
  • Web design and development
  • Graphic design
  • Writing – content writing, journalism, copywriting, editing
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Translation
  • Photography
  • Digital marketing – email, social media, content marketing and SEO
  • Administration – virtual assistant
  • Online business owner


Because there are more people doing it – there is more demand for connections and digital infrastructure. Sites such as Wifi Tribe, Remote Year, Nomad List and Hoodmaps help with finding locations, recommendations for best facilities, the admin of travel arrangements and how to meet people doing the same things so you can join in some fun and make friends with similar values along the way.

Wifi Tribe and Remote Year act like a travel agent of sorts typically one city a month for 12 months. Let’s face it if you are traveling that much that is a lot of planning!

Researching got some giggles as Hoodmaps was discovered. The colloquial google map style interface colour codes and describes what an area is like taking out the guess work so you can find your vibe quicker with out the guess work.

The future of the Digital Nomad is here.

1. Keep the work life balance intacked

2. Remote workers are less stressed

3. Happy people are productive people

4. Creates opportunity to make valuable connections and networks both personal and business

5. Positive attitude and Joy through amazing experiences

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