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Top 10 Reasons to take a Coworkation

Would you like to enjoy a coworkation in Byron Bay…? Be part of a creative hub? Develop your branding and business strategy? Meet with a Mind and Body coach for personal development? Go surfing? Take a yoga class or hike to a new look out?

If the answer is YES, then consider a coworkation!

1. Get motivated

2. Step away from the pressures of day-to-day life to focus on your self and your business – coworking spaces have been proven to increase productivity

3. Take a more pro-active approach to business development

4. Improve overall wellbeing and work-life balance

5. Experience new adventures, places and activities

6. Break the “busy cycle”

7. Expand your personal and professional networks

8. Change of location promotes creativity, a fresh outlook and sparks new ideas

9. Join a network of high-achieving people including small business owners, creative thinkers, professional freelancers, remote workers and other entrepreneurs.

10. Time away without losing momentum – if you can’t afford too much time away from your business, or need to be contactable by your team.

There is something special that happens when you decide to pack your bags and go! Just the thought alone can bring on inspiration. Now more than ever technology makes it possible. Possible to maintaining a work load, grow and develop your business and feel recharged, balanced and inspired.

Taking a coworkation can elevate both you and your business to the next level. Give your self what you need to succeed.

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