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Top 5 reasons to choose Byron as your work destination.

It’s everyone’s dream to have a great job in some beachside paradise, but maybe that dream isn’t as impossible as you think.

Byron Bay, located 150km south of Brisbane on Australia’s East Coast, is home to some of the best weather and beautiful beaches the country has to offer. A quiet coastal town through winter and a tourist destination through summer, the ever changing and transient population of Byron will keep you inspired all year round.

And now, with technology moving at lightning speeds and coworking spaces like Byron’s own Sustainable Valley popping up, working remotely has never been easier.

So how about that move to beachside paradise? Here are our top 5 reasons why you should.

1. Inspiration.

Feel inspired on a daily basis. Whether you are the motivated type who can get up for that 6am surf or run along the beach, or the slow-moving kind (like myself) who can barely manage a quick takeaway coffee, there is something special in the air in Byron. Ever changing fresh faces bring a constant flow of fresh energy and excitement into this town and with variety being the spice of life, as they say, it is no wonder that creativity flows here.

2. Work/life balance.

There is always something to do in Byron. A quick dip in the morning sun, people watching over lunch at the newest café/restaurant, a lighthouse walk in the afternoon, a casual yoga class, a sunset beer while listening to music at a beachfront pub…sounds perfect, right? Then you throw in the constant flow of arts festivals, farmers and makers markets, beachside events and some seriously perfect weather and you are living in dreamland.

3. Sustainability.

This is probably the biggest seller if you ask me. Forming its roots in the time of the Aquarius Festival and 70’s Hippy Culture, it is no surprise that Byron Bay is now filled with local, community minded small businesses whose primary concern is ethical, locally sourced and produced products. And, the greatest part is that the Byron community passionately supports and champions such business models, so these small, sustainably minded businesses absolutely thrive. The Byron Bay folk are not afraid to run big business out of town either, so don’t go there planning to open an American takeaway store because you just won’t survive.

4. Innovation.

Along with the “Hippies”, Byron is home to an ever-growing number of young entrepreneurs and freelancers. It is these guys that are pushing the boundaries of what the workplace should be and how to move business forward into the future sustainably and intelligently, embracing the idea of coworking spaces and collaboration. To live and work in a town surrounded by such creative and innovative thinkers is nothing short of inspirational, and considering these are some of the most down to earth and friendly people you will ever meet, don’t be surprised if you find yourself bouncing ideas off a successful creative mind while out in the surf.

5. Sun, Surf & Sand.

Does this one even need explaining? Byron’s beaches and surrounds are world-renowned. The white sands, the gentle ocean in the bay, the year-round perfect weather, the tropical rainforests and volcanic ranges, the exceptional local produce, how much more convincing do you need?! The place is bloody beautiful, case and point.

So if you have been entertaining the idea of packing in city living and heading off to a deserted island paradise, maybe it’s time to put away the dream and realise that Byron Bay could be the realistic answer your city smog filled mind is craving. It is actually possible to be successful at work and have a golden, year-round tan too… you just need to live in Byron Bay, that’s all.

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