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Why should you be thinking about sustainability in the workplace?

There is a growing trend for sustainability in business. It is the new black if you will and while it pains me to admit it, we probably have the Hipster revolution and associated Millennial’s to thank for successfully making being “green” part of mainstream values and not just for Hippies. So what are the ways your business could benefit from taking a sustainable approach and why should you make the switch? Us folk here at Sustainable Valley coworking space in Byron Bay thought we would share some of our insight and experience with you.

There are numerous positive effects that being sustainable can have on your business as well as on the community and the environment. The most obvious of course being a reduction in costs associated with energy usage. Turning unnecessary lights off and letting natural light in, switching appliances to off when not in use, encouraging employees to dress for the weather and letting in fresh air instead of using air cooling or heating and so on, all of these choices will decrease outgoing costs across the board.

Similarly, reducing wastage in your workplace will have an equally positive effect on financial savings and there will be fewer costs associated with waste removal. Set printers to print both sides as a default, utilise recycled paper and use refillable ink cartridges to minimise waste. Gift employees with reusable coffee cups and encourage them to use them by paying for every tenth cup purchased in their ethical vessel. Buy all products in bulk and ensure where possible, all are environmentally friendly and recycled.

But sustainability isn’t just turning off a few lights and using recycled toilet paper. Building a sustainable business model will have a tremendous effect on improved process and efficiency. To build a motivating workplace full of fresh air, natural light and collaborative opportunities will create human capital, and that is 100x more profiting for your business and will ultimately result in a more innovative and creative business enterprise.

Back to those Millennial Hipsters again, these politically minded young workers and job seekers as well as a rapidly growing percentage of community members who want to support businesses that aren’t just focussed on churning profits. Employers with a commitment to values and ethics will attract employees with a commitment to values and ethics, which in turn will promote support and respect in the workplace and a desire to work efficiently, as well as attract a loyal and passionate customer base that will respect and support your business too.

Lastly, branding your business as sustainable will rapidly increase business value in “green” markets and help create a positive public profile, which just makes straight up good business sense. Like I said before, being sustainable is the new black and being cool sells.

So there you have it. Go sustainable. Go green. Go hipster. Whatever you want to call it, however you want to spin it, your business will benefit (and so will your soul).

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