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The Borderless Company

Across The Desk  1.0 – The Borderless Company

We had an awesome couple from the Netherlands coworking in Sustainable Valley last month! I was inspired after hearing the story of these digital nomads – start-ups, experiences and travel!

While Frank runs his own web design company (https://defakto.nl/), Ineke quit her job before travelling. Being the motivated and inspiring human that she is (you can tell from just a five minute conversation), she desired a purpose of her own and something to work on along the way. So, they started searching for ideas and that’s where their story begins.

Frank and Ineke left their home in the Netherlands, embarking on an overland (as much as possible!) journey all the way from Europe to New Zealand.

In Nepal they came across a kind-hearted man named Amrit Tiwari who runs Edventure Children’s Home. “What Nepal sometimes lacks in clean water and food, internet and electricity the people make up for in character, spirituality and kindness”, Ineke lovingly describes.

In conjunction with having the children’s home Amrit also founded a hotel – Hotel Love & Light. Amrit places a great deal of importance on education and the hotel is a means to fund the kids schooling.

Unwittingly, Amrit became an overnight entrepreneur despite having little to no prior experience in business. By coming into contact with Frank and Ineke Amrit received the knowledge and assistance he needed to maximise his success.

Ineke and Frank raised Hotel Love and Light’s Google rankings by increasing online visibility of the business (SEO) and adding content to build up an online presence. Amrit now implements a profit and loss statement, has acquired basic business skills and can utilise online channels.

Ineke Says “By merging our talents and key skills, Frank and I have managed to help out many small entrepreneurs along our way”

From these amazing experiences, an idea was born. Ineke and Frank now have a start-up called The Borderless Company. The idea is to connect media professionals with entrepreneurs from emerging economies all around the world.

“We believe that the internet provides a world without political borders. It provides equal chances for entrepreneurs, no matter where they live, and we want to show people how to utilise this opportunity.”

The idea is to go to the country, stay with the local people while lending a “digital” helping hand. The maximum stay is 30 days. Most important is leaving these businesses with new skills to run on their own. “Self-sufficiency is the key to success”.

If you are an online creative with the skills, looking for a way to give back, travel and develop through life-changing experiences, this could be the adventure for you.

So as an employer, how can letting a team member participate in this kind of program be beneficial?

  • You will be investing in the personal growth of your employees while also contributing to valuable projects.
  • How about giving that hardworking, talented employee a break-out instead of a burn-out?
  • Replace a training course or training program with a practical, impactful life experience.

Want to participate? https://digidogood.com/

Want to learn more about where this idea come from? https:// theborderless.company/

Want to learn more about Amrit? https://www.facebook.com/Edventure- Nepal-Children-Home-171774949577989/

Coworking spaces create amazing networks. The number of different people, skills and ideas that walk through the door help create this amazing community.

Great having you at Sustainable Valley, Byron Bay.

Safe travels!


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